Your wedding is a special moment. The only thing that could make it more special; President Obama crashing your big day. It happened to Brian and Stephanie Tobe who picked the beauty of Torrey Pines Golf Course to tie the knot. The same course the President was playing on.

Photography by The Youngrens

Jeff and Erin Younger are the photographers who captured the moment when President Obama finished his round and took time to shake hands and pose for pictures.

Since the President was playing behind where the ceremony was being held, the couple decided to "wait so he could play through." The wait was worth it. The President waved to the crowd gathered as he walked to the green and after finishing his round, stopped to take pictures with the bride and groom.

Photography by The Youngrens

Erin, who shared the experience in a blog called 'The Day We Met the President' says she still can't believe what happened. "President Obama was kind and wonderful. When he shook Brian and Stephanie’s hands, he apologized for delaying the ceremony."

The Younger's have photographed a number of weddings but this one takes the cake. "The rest of the day was joyful and beautiful. The mood became so fun, laid back, and celebratory, that it was one of the most joyful weddings we’ve ever been at – ever," says Erin.

Photography by The Youngrens

Erin ended her story of the life moment by thanking the President.

President Obama, Thank you for showing us that you are a three-dimensional human. Thank you for taking time to rest in the midst of the unbelievable responsibility that you shoulder every single day, and thank you for being so gracious as to come shake hands on your day of rest. This small act was a joy and an honor.

Take a look at the beautify photos the Younger's captured of the day no one will forget.

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