Katy Perry got revelatory, calling in to 'ROAR' on Ryan Seacrest's morning radio show.

She labeled her single, 'ROAR' the 'MSG of pop music,' which was cute -- just like the singer herself. Perry also confirmed her VMAs performance, why she chose 'Prism' as her album title, and her reasons for ditching the candy-coated image.

Yes, KP will perform 'ROAR' for the first time on the VMAs on Aug. 25 and promised that she is bringing her "A" game. Her R-O-A-R game, actually.

She explained those teasers, which included the immolation of her blue wig from 'Teenage Dream' era, saying, "It's just metaphorically speaking. It’s time to move on to the next era, which is bigger and better and just something different because we all know that we like that 'Teenage Dream'-era, but everybody evolves. The people that bought my record have evolved, so they want something different. I'm older. I've got new things in my life and new perspectives."

Aw, our gal Katy is growing up.

But don't fret! She is not ditching anything but some accessories. Her style is "essentially me," and she'll still be wearing makeup but not as dramatic. She said she'll be more raw and more 'ROAR,' getting closer to the fans as a human being, as opposed to a caricature.

She shared a little meaning behind 'ROAR,' which is an anthem of empowerment. She said it's "about speaking up for yourself since when you feel burdened by people, things or relationships, you go inside yourself and don't realize "Hey, this is not okay.'"

The singer also stated that she is getting herself stronger, while rising and roaring.

As for that new album title 'Prism?' Since life punched her in the face and she was falling down the steps of adulthood in recent years, her planned title was 'The Adult Reality (Doing Well in Therapy)' but there was too much, well, reality in that. (It is pretty brill, though!)

"I've let a lot of light into my life and now I can beam that light out through my songs to all of my fans," she said.

Katy Perry -- a beacon of light to Katy Kats the world over.

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