Uh oh! Thanks to a too-sheer dress, Katy Perry showed the world her skivvies. However, thanks to an apparent affinity for boy shorts, the ‘Part of Me‘ singer didn’t show any scandalous parts of herself.

Us Weekly reports that Perry was hitting Paris Fashion Week when the mishap went down. Clad in a mint dress that she perhaps didn’t realize was so lightweight in fabric, Perry went for a stroll and showed the goods. It’s unclear whether she knew how sheer her dress was — if she did, she may have deliberately coordinated her undies with her outfit! If not, she’s probably happy she didn’t go commando like a lot of peers.

The see-through frock is only the latest of a series of Perry’s fashion dares, which seem to be even more fierce than usual since dyeing her hair electric blue. Perry rocked a dark, mysterious look for her Interview magazine feature, and an even more, er, shocking transformation for her upcoming guest appearance on ‘Raising Hope.’

Check out Perry’s pantaloons below. Do you think it was a deliberate move or a sartorial slip up? Let us know in the comments!