As someone who thinks Thanksgiving is the best holiday that exists, I have something that I have to get off of my chest.

To all of you people who believe that pumpkin flavors are better than apple, I wanted to take a second and just let you know how I feel about that.

You're wrong.

It's the common fall dilemma that many face each year. Pumpkin patch or apple orchard? Pumpkin spice lattes or hot apple cider?

For me, apple will always be the superior option and here is why.

1) There's more than one kind of apple.

Gala, Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Empire, Snapdragon. There's so many different kinds of apples that you can eat. That means there's more than one way you can make an apple pie. I feel like pumpkin tastes the same no matter what.

2)  It's easier to pick apples than it is to pick pumpkins.

Call me lazy but I think it's so much more fun going to an apple orchard each fall to pick them rather than going to find your pumpkin.

3) There's more you can do with apples (in my opinion) than there is to do with pumpkins.

You can make apple sauce. You can bake a million different kinds of things. Apple cider. Apple cider MIMOSAS. Sure, you can bake with pumpkin, and make some drinks with it, but would you just pick up a pumpkin and eat it like an apple? I think not.

4) Apple pie is more tasty than pumpkin pie.

Sure, it also has more calories than a slice of pumpkin pie too. But it's Thanksgiving, who counts?

What's your opinion - is Apple Pie better than Pumpkin? (Yes.) Or can you argue why Pumpkin is better? My arguments may not be the most valid but hey, I know so many people who agree with me.

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