As each and every day goes by, the weather is changing and that means what people are choosing to wear is changing. They are adding more layers to their wardrobe and are relying on different essentials to keep them warm and cozy: hats and scares.

Any other year we wouldn't have to have a discussion like this because, well, it's never been a thing. But I feel like it's my personal responsibility as someone with a platform to send out this reminder about your choices this time of year.

Your scarf that you choose to wear around your neck IS NOT A MASK!

The pandemic has gotten us all used to wearing masks whether we like it or not. The reality of the situation is that science proves wearing a mask prevents the spread of coronavirus. Between cloth, medical, there are choices that are better than others. But your scarf is not one of them.

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Recent studies have found wearing a mask doesn't just protect other people if you're infected.  They also give YOU some protection.  So you're also putting yourself at risk if you use just a scarf.

I'm not telling you to not wear a scarf. I'm simply suggesting that you should wear your scarf AND your mask at the same time.

With COVID cases up in Oneida County, its important that we take all of the precautions that we can to stay safe. Go get tested if you've been exposed, symptoms or not.

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