As a native of Fort Worth, Kelly Clarkson is a proud Texan, so she’s pretty much the perfect fit for Pepsi’s Dallas Cowboys Anthem. In ‘Get Up (A Cowboys Anthem),’ she’s determined to get fans and pro-footballers alike pumped.

It doesn’t matter where we go / Silver, blue, white, away or home / It doesn’t matter who you are / You know we’re comin’ when you see the star,” she belts about her ‘Boys signature uniforms. The chorus is destined to blast through the Cowboys’ Stadium, as the very first ‘American Idol‘ sings, “Get up on your feet (get up, get up) / And if you want it, scream (get up, get up) / We’re turnin’ up the heat (get up, get up) / Now let me hear you sing (get up, get up) / I wanna be a cowboy, baby!

The vocals and danceable beat are interspersed with sound bites of roaring fans. Clarkson was just as enthusiastic to write the song as the fans on the track were to root for their home team. In a release, the soft drink giant said, “When Pepsi first approached Kelly about writing the song, she was so excited she wrote the lyrics that same night.”

A voice like Kel’s may be the perfect motivator for Romo to finally get a ring!

Listen to Kelly Clarkson, ‘Get Up (A Cowboys Anthem)’

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