Kelly Clarkson is a master of many trades: crafting a perfect pop song, commanding the hell out of live vocals, and, apparently, singing gibberish.

After nailing a backwards rendition of "Since U Been Gone" last November, The Voice judge returned to The Tonight Show on Monday night (February 26) to tackle Jimmy Fallon's Google Translate Songs, a segment in which guests are challenged to belt out lyrics to tracks that have been funneled through Google Translate. The chorus for Clarkson's 2011 anthem, "Stronger," for example, became, "If you don’t kill it then it’s too strong/Remain in a small place/My dreaming by myself is not my fault/If you don’t kill it, offer a bribe/My legs are increasing/You will not believe that I got lost.”

Fallon also took on Portugal. The Man’s “Feel It Still,” which inexplicably became “Live in the Boat,” while he and Clarkson teamed for a duet of Sonny and Cher's “I Got You Babe,” ominously translated to “I Have Your Child.” All of which goes to show you that Clarkson really can sing anything.

Clarkson, who also made her debut as a Voice coach on Monday night, last released 2017's Meaning of Life. Watch a clip of her hilarious Tonight Show performance below.

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