The Emmys are a big night for the stars.  They dress to impress and money never seems to be an issue, especially if they aren't paying for the glitzy clothes and jewels.  Kelly Osbourne's $250,ooo nail polish at the  recent Emmys apparently upset some  fans, so she's sort of apologized and offered an explanation for her over-the-top nails.

Osbourne, via Twitter, told fans it was a once in a lifetime experience that made her feel like a queen and while she understood their point, she asked to be forgiven for not regretting wearing the high priced nail polish.  Just in case you're curious, she didn't pay for the nail polish and says she was "lucky enough to be the one that got picked to wear it."  The offending nail polish was made by renowned jeweler Azature and each bottle contains 267 carats of black diamonds.  So that explains the $250,000 price tag!  That's way out of my league.  How about you?

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