How would you react to the possibility of parole for the person who killed your brother or sister? Back in 1975, Kelsey Grammer's 18-year-old sister was kidnapped and savagely murdered by convicted killer Freddie Glenn and an accomplice. Recently Kelsey let Glenn know how he feels about his possible release from jail.

The Telegraph tells us:

Glenn is serving a life sentence after being convicted of killing Karen Elisa Grammer after kidnapping her from a Red Lobster restaurant in Colorado Springs where she worked nearly 40 years ago. He appeared before the parole board and told them the crime has left him living with remorse.

Kelsey also appeared at the hearing by video and told Glenn that he forgives him but he just can't condone his release from jail. The convicted killer has had his parole denied. Freddie won't eligible again in 2017 and we hope Kelsey will voice his feelings then as well. I know I would.

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