A Little Falls family is taking their shot at teaching a teenager just what this time of year is all about. After being suspended from school for 5 days, this child isn't getting an extended Christmas vacation that is for sure.

The parents aren't partaking in the new trend of self shaming their teen on social media either. This family would prefer to remain Anonymous, but if they didn't, I would nominate them for parents of the year!

This new trend has parents taking a picture of their child with some sort of written sign explaining what the child had done and what their punishment is and adding it onto social media sites for the whole world to see as some sort of added punishment.

This family decided to have their child volunteer after he was suspended from school. No, they didn't partake in showing the world what their child had done, or embarrassing the child all over the internet. They are truly showing this teenager what this time of year is all about! This teenager isn't just being taught about the Holiday season, but about being an unselfish giving part of the community as well.This can also be done at all times of the year. For his 5 day suspension, he has been volunteering as a bell ringer for the Salvation Army, as well as volunteering at local animal shelters.

The father of the child, when asked why they chose to do this form of punishment, said this:

"What do you do with a self centered teenager who is currently suspended from school for 5 days? This is what. Not as a form of punishment or public embarrassment, but to show him that this world doesn't revolve around you. There are way worse off people than yourself, and how good it feels to help others in need. A lesson in empathy that we're hoping will stick."

Truly amazing parenting here.

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