Few words bring joy to a child's heart like hearing "SNOW DAY" while they're snuggled in bed on a weekday. No school! How can you make that happen more often?

First, it's always helpful to calculate the odds of a snow day using the handy dandy Snow Day Calculator. You can find it online at (where else?) snowdaycalculator.com. Just plug in your zip code, what type of school you attend - and voila! You'll get some pretty solid odds on whether you need to get working on that math homework.

Next, as any child knows, there are some steps you can take to practically GUARANTEE a snow day:

  • Pajamas inside out and backwards. Or is it inside out OR backwards? This is no time to take chances - do both.
  • Flush some ice cubes down the toilet - it jumps starts the snow or something.
  • Do your homework. The SECOND you don't, the snow gods get offended and BAM - no snow.
  • Put a spoon under your pillow.
  • Shake a snow globe every time you walk past one. You don't have any? Well, put one on your Christmas list.
  • Eat ice cream. This might just be for fun - but why not?
  • Clean your room. Your mom may have made me add this one. Or not. You'd better just do it.

This is Central New York - there's always at least a small chance you're going to get a snow day - why not up the odds?

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