If you haven't seen 'Toy Story 3,' you should probably stop reading and not watch this video. But if you have, you would know that at the end of the movie Buzz Lightyear and friends face certain death via fiery incinerator, only to be saved at the last moment by a giant claw.

Some pranksters decided to have fun with the movie's ending and the target of the prank was their poor unsuspecting mother.

The pranksters used Final Cut to remove the part when the claw swoops in for the rescue, instead ending the film as the fire closes in, with the implication being the toys were quickly melted down into plastic globs. Then they showed the doctored version to their mom and secretly recorded her reaction.

"How could you make me watch that??," Mom says, visibly upset, when the movie "ended."

"Don Rickles is dead? That is so wrong," she continued.

The next day mom is still stewing about a Disney film ending with "incinerating death."

Finally, the pranksters revealed what they had done. "How does it feel to have trolls for kids?," one of them wonders, amid much family laughter.

Well, it worked out for us, because that was one funny video.