Halloween means it's time to stock up on candy and those last minute costume and party essentials. Kinney Drugs is the place to go.

Beth stopped into Kinney Drugs to quickly grab some candy and last minute items for the kids' parties and costumes. It was all right there, at great prices, and there was no time wasted waiting in long lines. That's what's so great about Kinney Drugs - it's so easy to get right in and right out.

First, Beth checked out the candy aisle and grabbed candy for the trick or treaters. Of course, a bag of Charleston Chews might have also 'jumped' into the cart too. Next, it just took a minute to pick up the essentials for the goody bags for classroom friends and favorite teachers. Finally, Beth picked up some makeup and crazy colored hairspray for Halloween costumes. It took only minutes to get everything.

Don't forget to check out the latest sales on Halloween items at your local Kinney Drugs. They've got everything you need at great prices. You can check out their latest sales circular at kinneydrugs.com. (Any prices mentioned in the video are only good until 10/29.)



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