Has food mash-ups and combinations taken it a little too far? A new Kit Kat Quesadilla is coming to the US from a fast food chain that has never stepped away from mixing flavors together.

Yes, it is a real thing, and yes, it will be available in the United States. It's a quesadilla, but without the cheese (and meat) in between the pieces of flatbread. Instead, it has Kit Kats.

Even if you're a huge Kit Kat fan, this may seem like a little much. But maybe you're into trying the weird and unique food combinations that come out. Unfortunately, if you're interested in trying this (without making it at home), you'll need to go on a little road trip. Or fly. Flying would probably be better.

So who is behind this? Well, Taco Bell of course. They're always testing out new and "interesting" menu items, from their now-discontinued BLT Taco to their "Cinnabon Delights."  Every time a food item becomes a trend, Taco Bell is first to jump on it and add it to their menu in some sort of way. Sriracha sauce, a taco shell made out of chicken, mashing two items together with their "Quesarito," "Cap'n Crunch Delights," and whatever else they can come up with.

Although this is a new idea for us, apparently it has been around for a while. According to MSN.com, this Kit Kat Quesadilla (named the Kit Kat Chocodilla) has been sold in the UK for over a year. It's only now they're bringing it to the US. And like we mentioned earlier, you'll have to travel to try this treat. It's not available at all Taco Bell locations... yet.

So if you're desperate to try this Kit Kat Chocodilla, you'll have to head to Wisconsin. It's only be sold at select locations in that state.

If this trend picks up and Taco Bell starts adding this menu item to all their locations, would you be willing to try it? Do you think it's something that would do well in Central New York, or do you think it would fall flat with all the delicious food options we already have here?

Either way, if it does make its way to Central New York, it will only cost you a buck to try it. So... why not? You can vote in the poll below and let us know if you would be willing to try it or not:





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