If you are an avid user of Kotex tampons, you better be careful and check your products.

The tampons subject to the recall — U by Kotex Sleek Tampons, regular absorbency — caused some users “to seek medical attention to remove tampon pieces left in the body,” Kimberly-Clark said in a news release Tuesday. This specific tampon is the only kind subject to the voluntary recall. The company added there has also been a “small number of reports of infections, vaginal irritation, localized vaginal injury, and other symptoms” associated with the U by Kotex Sleek Tampons, regular absorbency.

Credit: Kotex via Amazon

Specific lot numbers on the bottom of the tampon box will help users determine if their product is subject to the recall. A full list of the recalled lot numbers can be found here. You can also enter the lot number of your product into the 'checker' to see if your products were included in the recall.

Credit: Kimberly-Clark

According to Kimberly-Clark, there is no need to return the products to the stores in which they were purchased. Contact the customer service team at 1-888-255-3499 after you've used the checker to see if your tampons are categorized under the recall list - and you'll get some more details regarding the recall and further instructions.