Kraft Foods is considering closing three manufacturing plants in Upstate New York.

According to the Corning Leader, the plants are in Campbell, Avon and Walton.

The three plants employ just shy of 1000 people and produce some of the most iconic items in the Kraft product line.

The Kraft plant in Campbell, in Steuben County near Corning, makes string cheese and other Italian cheeses. The Avon plant in suburban Rochester produces Lunchables and Cool Whip while the Walton plant in Delaware County makes cottage cheese and sour cream.

Not surprising, leader in the communities that would be affected where quick in their reaction to the news. According to the Leader,

Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler said local officials were stunned by news of a possible shutdown of one of the county’s larger private employers. He said they were alerted Thursday by locals who had read articles in business journals - not by Kraft Heinz officials....

“My understanding is both the governor’s office and Schumer’s office are trying diligently to contact the CEO and government affairs representatives of Kraft Heinz to find out exactly what their plans are and what’s going on. We don’t have much information at this point, but we’re hoping the representatives from Kraft Heinz get back to us very quickly so we know what their thoughts are.”

Kraft said a definitive plan on the future of the plants would be made in the next week.

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