Some grocery stores here in the East are running out of Velveeta cheese and nobody is really sure why.  Kraft says the Velveeta shortage is "really a short term issue."   Snacks are a key part of Superbowl Sunday.  Can you even imagine watching the big game without them?  Plus, the Winter Olympics are coming up, which is another perfect excuse to indulge in tasty snacks as superhuman athletes dazzle the world.  But what if there's not Velveeta cheese to dip those chips and crackers in?

USA Today reports East Coast grocery stores are running out of Velveeta cheese, which has been made by Kraft for 86 years.   Kraft isn't saying much other than it's not a long term problem.

This really is a short-term issue that's more noticable right now given the increased seasonal demand.


Velveeta is a $500 million brand for Kraft, so I'm guessing they're not going to do away with it.  Have you noticed its been hard to find lately in the grocery store?  I don't use it but next time I shop I'll see if it's missing from the store shelves in Central New York.


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