No one will argue that Doritos taste amazing, but they are junk food with little to no nutritional value. But their taste makes up for their empty calories, as evidenced by pop diva Kylie Minogue, who enjoys a Doritos feast on the prosthetic belly of ‘True Blood’ actor Joe Manganiello on the always-hilarious ‘The Soup.’

Manganiello, who stars in the stripper flick ‘Magic Mike,’ shows off his gut, which is obviously a prosthesis – just look at the rippling of skin near his belt. You can see the prosthetic coming away from his real skin. That said, it looks real, complete with a happy trail of hair.

He claims to have found errant Doritos in his belly, which he then noshes on. Yum. Host Joel McHale asks the burning question: How did a Dorito buried in a belly stay so crunchy?

Minogue then shows up and eats Doritos off Manganiello’s belly, licking her fingers while doing so.  Can’t waste the chemical cheese, known as “cheedle,” that stains the digits. It’s just as tasty as a Dorito itself.

Those two were trying to break the Internet and it’s icktacular, but like a train wreck, we can’t look away. McHale’s look of disgust says it all.

Watch Kylie Minogue + Joe Manganiello’s Doritos Feast