A diehard Mets' baseball fan attended Thursday afternoon's 2019 home opener for his favorite team in New York, and made a pitch...for a new girlfriend.

Matt Russo used a little ingenuity to find a pinch-hitter for his old girlfriend, with whom he'd just broken up. He displayed a homemade sign, including his phone number, and got noticed by a lot of fans, and also by ESPN's Darren Rovell, who posted the story on his popular Twitter feed. Now, Russo's phone is blowing up.

The bartender and owner of Modern Event Staffing told the New York Post that the billboard he rocked at Citi Field started as an inside joke with his buddies. Now, it's become serious business. He's getting text messages and calls from all over the United States.

He's not saying whether it's a requirement that his next girlfriend cheers for the Mets.

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