Lainey's Army is a central New York organization banded together for the sole cause of fighting animal abuse. Recently they decided to March from Rome to Albany in the hopes of infiltration state legislature and impacting key decision makers.

Humane Lobby day is March 24th and Lainey's Army is pushing for a bill to be passed:"The Consolidated Animal Crimes Bill."  Current New York animal cruelty laws are ambiguous and confusing even to law enforcement personnel:

New York's animal cruelty laws have been hidden away within the state's Agriculture and Markets statutes for decades, causing confusion for police, prosecutors and judges. The Consolidated Animal Crimes Bill (A.352/S.3201) improves enforcement by placing animal crimes under the penal code (criminal law), which is familiar, accessible and taught to law enforcement personnel. A.352/S.3201 redrafts anti-cruelty laws that have gone without substantial revisions since the mid-19th century!

(Humane Society.Org)

Lainey's Army hopes to arrive at the Capitol building in downtown Albany by Tuesday to show their support for Humane Lobby Day. In the meantime, the group is stopping at various towns along the way to inform others about the widespread issues of animal cruelty.

The group was created out of the Justice for Lainey’ Facebook group, which began in honor of Australian shepherd Lainey, who died shortly after being mistreated and starved to death.

Just Jen and I talked about Lainey's Army today. Here's the audio:

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