In what has to be one of the greatest combos ever of puns and ex-boy banders, Lance Bass took to the, er… wall on Jimmy Fallon for a hilariously awkward skit.

The ‘Tonight Show’ host is always open to suggestions and ideas, which is why he took a moment to read a few from his viewers on Wednesday (May 14) night’s show. One viewer requested, “Hey Jimmy, I love those Big Mouth Billy Bass singing fish that people put up on their walls. I was wondering if you knew anybody who could recreate that live.”

Jimmy is no stranger to convincing celebrities to follow him into weird situations. (Just a week ago he was dressed as a teen girl with Seth Rogen and Zac Efron.) It shouldn’t be too surprising, then, that he had the perfect celeb in mind — and that said celeb was willing to jump on board.

Out rolled a set piece of a living room, complete with fireplace and wall-mounted Lance Bass, of course. Despite both Jimmy and Lance struggling to maintain straight faces, Jimmy managed to get it together for a second to hit the red button to bring the Bass alive.

The ‘N SYNC member, in a scarily accurate recreation of Billy Bass, began flapping his legs and singing the novelty fish’s famed tune, ‘Take Me to the River.’ The singer only made it through thirty seconds of the song, but that’s a pretty good run without losing it to laughter, all things considered.

Check out Lance’s performance above!