Update, 9/24: It's a girl! The spotlight-averse couple welcomed their first child on August 4, according TMZ. While there is no formal announcement yet, the site reports that her name is Arlo Day. Check out what Leighton's fellow Gossip Girl stars are up to these days in the gallery below!

Congratulations are in order for Leighton Meester and Adam Brody — adorable photo evidence has revealed that the couple is expecting their first child.

The singer and former Gossip Girl star married Adam Brody, best known as Seth Cohen on The O.C., in a super-secret ceremony back in February of 2014. The couple tends to keep things low-key in the public eye, but errands, Starbucks runs and dog walking duties will force every publicity-shy celebrity out of the house eventually. Leighton and Adam were caught strolling from their car, looking cute and casual as ever, and the "Heartstrings" singer's burgeoning pregnancy made its public debut. You can peep the photos over at PopSugar.

Adam and Leighton's union was already the stuff dreams are made of, as it made us all imagine an alternate universe in which Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen are in love. Now that they're having a baby, a whole new possibility opens: The ultimate Gossip Girl / O.C. crossover reboot in 2035. We're just spitballing here, but imagine Baby Meester-Brody in the protagonist role — maybe a kindhearted, CW-hot underdog in the vein of Dan Humphrey or Seth Cohen (this isn't gender-specific either, a girl could fit this mold too!). Blake Lively's daughter James could play Baby Meester-Brody's best friend — a prematurely jaded Serena van der Woodsen type, or a reformed party girl like Summer Roberts. Or maybe James could play Quirky, Nerdy Girl Who Everyone Dismisses as a Nerd Until She Takes Off Her Glasses! It's simply too soon to tell what her acting range is. It would be especially exciting if some more grown-up celebrity kids rounded out the cast; Blue Ivy and North West are bound to have at least two albums, a YA trilogy adaptation and three personal fragrance lines between them by then. Think of the stunt-casting possibilities!

While we eagerly await this possible — nay, inevitable — television event in a couple decades, we can re-watch Leighton's recent appearance on Vanessa Bayer's Sound Advice web series, where Vanessa's alter ego Janessa Slayer offers terrible career advice and Leighton serves up some hilariously horrified facial expressions in response.

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