'Gossip Girl' actress and singer Leighton Meester and former 'The O.C.' star Adam Brody have been quietly dating for the past year or so. They stay out of the spotlight, but word is the handsome and talented pair are now engaged to be married.

If Meester and Brody are indeed betrothed, they've kept their status quiet, much like they have their whole relationship.

It's reported that Brody, who once dated his 'O.C.' co-star Rachel Bilson -- since they had crackling chemistry as Summer and Seth on their show -- asked Meester for her hand earlier this fall and that they celebrated at a fete in L.A. on Nov. 10.

Meester, 27, and Brody, 33, are a refreshing celeb couple -- that they aren't flashy, and they keep to themselves. It's probably why things work between them, since they don't have to deal with the constant and inescapable glare of paparazzi flashbulbs by turning up at every hotspot in town.

They've also remained tight-lipped from the get-go, never discussing their couplehood. Good for them! That kind of privacy is rare in Hollywood.

If Meester and Brody are indeed planning to take things a step further and become man and wife, we wish them the best!

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