A visit to a tropical paradise has become a legal mess for one couple.

Courtney Wilson and her girlfriend, Taylor Guerrero, went to Hawaii for some R and R back in March, but wound up in jail after an off-duty officer in Honolulu named Bobby Harrison arrested them for kissing while in a grocery store.

Guerrero explained what happened:

We were holding hands and I was kissing her cheek. He was like, 'You girls, you girls can't do that in here.'"

They say they tried to ignore Harrison, who's been on the force for 26 years, but he followed them to the checkout line threatening to cite them for trespassing due to their behavior, so they called police. That's when they say Harrison, who was not on duty but in uniform, grabbed Wilson's arm, leading him to punch Guerrero when she tried to intervene.

The couple claims they were then brought to the basement of the store and then arrested for assaulting Harrison.

They posted bail, but were not allowed to leave Oahu, leaving them homeless for five months.

The case was thrown out, but the couple is now suing the police department and Harrison. It's unclear what damages they're seeking. Wilson says, "I just think that what he did was absolutely wrong without a doubt. I just really want an example to be made."

Interestingly, the video of the kissing that caused the drama has gone missing.

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