Let's face it: we live in a world of people who can be faithful to their partner, and also the total opposite where some have the urge for others. It's just the way life works, some people don't want the same person forever.

Ashley Madison, the dating website for assisting married people with affairs, recently released a survey showing that people with specific careers are more likely to be unfaithful to their partners.

Below is a list, for both men and women, of the careers that were most likely to cheat:

Credit: Thinkstock
Credit: Thinkstock


  1. Trade Work (welding, plumbing, etc.)
  2. Information Technology
  3. Entrepreneurs
  4. Retail/Hospitality (store managers, event planners, cooks, etc.)
  5. Finance
Credit: Thinkstock
Credit: Thinkstock


  1. Medical
  2. Education
  3. Finance
  4. Social Work
  5. Politics

To be completely honest, I'm someone who really can't stand the concept of polygamy for numerous reasons. My opinion is, you're feeling some type of way, express your concerns to your partner and talk it out or split up. There's no reason to break someone's heart like that. I can't even watch television shows like The Bachelor/ Bachelorette without getting heated.



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