Don't eat Tide Pods. It seems like something that shouldn't need to be explicitly stated, but here we are. And lest you think we mean little kids, we mean teens.

You know how we say to kids "if your friend jumped off a bridge...?" We pick a bridge because that seems like the most absurd thing a kid could do - follow a friend off a bridge. I guess not. We should say "if your friend eats detergent, would you eat it too?" Turns out, the answer is yes for some kids. How can good parents raise children who do such stupid stuff?

Yup, the future of our world...eating tide pods. It's called the Tide Pod Challenge.

Maybe we should just encourage this idiocy and call it Darwinism, because this is dumber than the Cinnamon Challenge, the Straight Arm Challenge, and the Bean Boozled Challenge. (Don't know what any of those are? Consider yourself lucky. If you want your faith in humanity demolished, Google.)

Why aren't teenagers taking the Clean Bedroom Challenge? How about the Load the Dishwasher Challenge? What about the Finish My Chores Without Making Mom Ask Three Times Challenge? Nope. Eating plastic packets of laundry detergent. Which, by the way, can be fatal. No one ever died cleaning their room. Fact.

Here's another statement that should go without saying: death is not worth the YouTube views or Instagram likes. Don't be an idiot, kids.


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