ice bucket challenge

Let Them Eat Tide Pods
Don't eat Tide Pods. It seems like something that shouldn't need to be explicitly stated, but here we are. And lest you think we mean little kids, we mean teens.
Unique CNY Events This Weekend
Have a few hours to kill this weekend? Looking for something the whole family can enjoy? We found the top seven interesting activities happening in our area this weekend.
Dog Takes Challenge [VIDEO]
Just when you thought the ice bucket challenge was winding down, here comes one more that you've got to see. Watch an adorable dog named Mr. Gregor get soaked, for a good cause.
Infant Ice Bucket Challenge? [VIDEO]
The Ice Bucket Challenge has been quite a success, as people from all walks of life take part in raising money and awareness about ALS. Unfortunately, some people take it too far, in this case a grandfather dumping ice on his ten month old granddaughter.
Ice Bucket Challenge Song [VIDEO]
It was only a matter of time before The Ice Bucket Challenge became a song. Vennue Mallesh is an Indian singer who has become an internet sensation in the West, mainly because many have described his music as 'unmelodious' and 'torturous.' Millions of You Tube users recently discovered his video ‘I…
'Milked' For ALS Donations [VIDEO]
It's time to enjoy alternatives to the Ice Bucket Challenge. Now, I'm not knocking the cause, just searching for more creative ways of getting donations to ALS. Here is one from actor Verne Troyer, also known as mini-me fro the Austin Powers movie.

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