An uplifting story has captivated the internet message board reddit. Lucas Hoelscher is a 14-year-old who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy. This holiday his request is to receive a letter or card.

Lucas's hometown Springfield News Sun reports that:

Lucas, who is unable to talk or move, enjoys receiving letters and cards in the mail because his life completely revolves around his visual skills. He can only communicate by making sounds or moving his eyes.

Reddit got a hold of the story and the community on several subreddits have turned out to send mail to Lucas. A Letters for Lucas group has formed on Facebook where Lucas's family is sharing photos of the letters that arrive at the home each day.

Lucas added this introductory message on his Facebook page:

My name is Lucas Hoelscher and I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy (aka SMA) type I. When I was 10 months old doctors told me I would expire by one year of age! Wow, look at me, I'm already 14!!! I enjoy lots of things in life but my disease has left me with absolutely zero movement! Pretty much sucks!!! This makes lots of entertaining activities difficult!! I never ask for much, occasional kisses and hugs, but I REALLY enjoy mail!! I'm reaching out to whomever has a few minutes to drop me a letter! It can be a simple "hey!", a picture drawn from you, a child, a friend! I would simply love to hear from you!!

[reddit/Springfield News Sun]

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