Ever watch 'Dance Moms' on Lifetime?  Last week was the first time I'd ever seen the show.  I watched two episodes and they'll be the last two episodes I'll ever watch of this mean show.

Abby Lee Miller, the dance coach, is just horrible to watch, as she berates these girls and cuts down them down repeatedly.  Where is the entertainment in watching her tell young girls not do disappoint her, suck it up or save your tears for your pillow alone?  She's not much nicer either to the moms on the show.  One mom, Holly, tried to talk to Abby about not being able to travel to her daughter's dance competition.  Abby put down her car window briefly and then rolled it up as the mom tried to talk to her.  How rude.  This mom is paying  her salary and I can't figure out why these moms put up with this treatment, especially of their children.  Even though I only watched two episodes, I get the feeling that's how each episode is.  Rarely did Abby praise her students, even when they won their dance competition.  She admitted she's never satisfied, so why work with someone like that who can't be pleased?  Abby and the moms were dislikable to me and I think they should take a good hard look at how their words and actions are impacting these young, impressionable kids.