When electro-pop musician Lights stopped by the PopCrush office last week, we knew we were in for a serious treat, but we had no idea it'd be this good!

We posted the highlights from her @PopCrush Twitter takeover here, but what we didn't post (until now) were the exclusive performances of 'Muscle Memory' and 'Up We Go' she gave to the staff. Although she's an electronic artist at heart -- in one of the videos she even says, "These are obviously the acoustic versions, so it's not the full electronic experience. You gotta come to the show for that" -- these videos are absolute proof that she sounds amazing even with just an acoustic guitar in a conference room. It's always interesting to strip a song down to its bare bones and hear it without any added instrumentation or editing, and these songs are totally different animals when performed acoustically.

Lights treated us to two fantastic performances, and we today have those videos to share with you. Check out 'Muscle Memory' above and 'Up We Go' below!

See Lights Perform 'Up We Go' (Acoustic)

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