It's hard out here for a b---h! Lily Allen is back with her first new song in ages! After a false-start retirement, two daughters and a name change, Allen serves up 'Hard Out Here,' a neo-feminist anthem encased in a pretty, electropop package.

The video finds her on the operating table, getting liposuction and attempting to make a comeback amid the booty-shaking, twerk-filled pop landscape. The doc even asks how she could let herself get like this, setting the stage for the idea that pop music is more about the artists than the art.

'Hard Out Here' is a send up of hip-hop videos, featuring plenty of rippling buttocks. It's Allen, wink-winking and nudge-nudging, laughing at the concept, not with it.

Allen changes outfits more times than Lady Gaga. We counted four costume swaps.

This is Lily Allen, not Lily Rose Cooper. She's back, she's making a statement, which will no doubt be controversial, since she is tossing around the term 'b---h.' If Beyonce got flack for it, so will she. However, Allen is calling herself such, saying, "Don't need to shake my a-- for you / Because I've got a brain."

Amen, sister. Welcome back.

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