The list includes the smallest museum, the smallest post office, and this small building in Central New York. Do you know what it is?

Before you could start guessing what building made the list of "America's Smallest Civic Institutions," it may help to know what they mean by a 'civic institution.' According to, a civic institution is "any institution that exists separate from the state and the market." That means anything like schools and universities, political parties, churches, and things like that.

Atlas Obscura's list included the Adak National Forest in Alaska - which holds a total of 33 trees, and America's smallest Post Office in Ochopee, Florida. Spot number four on their list went to this civic institution in Central New York. Did you figure out what it could be, yet?

Google Maps Street View

It's the Cross Island Chapel in Oneida. This church sits in the middle of pond on the northern edge of town. According to Atlas Obscura,

A boat must be taken to reach the church, but once there it can host minuscule weddings and assumedly any other type of church function, if only for a few people at a time. The church is just over 28 square feet large...


Matt Hubbell/TSM

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