Little Falls - a part of Central New York that doesn't get a lot of attention. So much so, other Central New Yorkers have a hard time describing the area.

It's back! After we tested Central New Yorkers by asking them to describe Utica in One Word (which was easier), we decided to test them again. This time we're focusing on an area in Herkimer County, that just doesn't get enough love - Little Falls.

The responses didn't surprise us. For the most part, people just thought of waterfalls. There were a few answers that were pretty good - That described the area a little better, but for the most part, everyone needs to do some reading up on the city. Or go for a visit.

Watch the video above, and see a handful of Central New Yorkers try to describe Little Falls. Note: They were put on the spot. If they had more time to think of a better answer, maybe they could have (but then again, maybe not).



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