Historic landmarks and churches can be found all over Central New York, but only Oneida can brag about having the most 'unique' one.

When you think of a church, you think of a building holding maybe a hundred or a few hundred people - Everyone gathering for worship, or a wedding, or something like that. But the smallest church in the world can't handle a crowd that big (although rumor has it, a few weddings have actually been held there).

It's called the Cross Island Chapel, and it's in the middle of a pond in Oneida. Like seriously, in the middle of the pond - You have to take a boat to get to it. And the island isn't really an island - It's more like a wooden deck that the church sits on. Either way, it's still a pretty unique sight.

How small is the magnificent wonder?

Apparently, it only seats two people. You read that right - TWO PEOPLE! A sign before you get to the church states everything you need to know about this one-of-a-kind structure:

Sign by the World's Smallest Church
Matt Hubbell/TSM

Our own Matt Hubbell had the chance to visit this amazing building, and see how small it really was (it's a lot different in person). You can read up on all his adventures there, by clicking the link below:



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