You can't make everyone happy, especially on YouTube. We went through all the comments we get to find the meanest of the meanest, and share them with you.

Hey, you gotta be able to laugh at yourself, right?!

We decided to get everyone together from Lite 98.7, Beth and Dave from Beth and Dave in the Morning, Naomi Lynn from middays, and CJ on afternoons, and we all read some of the mean YouTube comments we've received on our channel.

Now, no one is reading their own comments (it would be kind of weird if someone commented that Dave has a "nice rack," right?!), we thought it would be more fun to mix it up. Watch the video at the top of this page to hear some of the "best" comments.

Some of our personal favorites??

"can i please get my 2 minutea & 47 seconds back, please."

"dumbest f-ing video ever...but you have a nice rack"

"your an idiot"

"git a life ?"

"You are a Tool... This is so inaccurate"

And a bunch of others. Actually, we probably can't pick favorites. They were all so... eye-opening?

These were just comments we found on our YouTube channel, it doesn't include some of the tweets we've gotten or Facebook comments or messages. We didn't even get a chance to include some of the phone calls we've received, but maybe that can be another upcoming segment?

Either way, we hope you enjoy the video. And we do get tons of great feedback (or even neutral comments), but we just wanted to focus on the "dark side" of the internet.





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