Want to know the latest news and events happening at the Utica Zoo? Do you have any questions about the animals or things going on at the zoo? Please join us for our newest weekly feature, as we cover all this and more.

Lite 98.7 is proud to partner with the Utica Zoo for "The Zoo's News." Every Thursday morning at 11:20a, we'll bring you the latest updates from the zoo. The Utica Zoo's Communications Coordinator Mike Beck will join us to cover topics from events going on at the zoo to questions and information about specific animals. Watch for special guests during this segment as well.

On top of all that, we want you to be a part of this feature with us. Do you have a question about the Utica Zoo? Do you have any questions about the animals at the zoo, or just certain animals in general? Now's your chance to have those questions answered.

If you have a question for Mike Beck, the zoo keepers, or anything about the Utica Zoo, just fill out the form below. Who knows?! We may just answer your question on an upcoming segment of "The Zoo's News." And make sure you join us Thursday mornings at 11:20am to hear the latest news with the Utica Zoo. We'll also have a full version of the segment available on our website every week.





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