Should local businesses be fined just because customers can't manage to follow social distancing rules?

County Executive Anthony Picente is mandating businesses only allow customers inside who are wearing a mask, amid the coronavirus crisis. In a briefing, Picente encouraged residents to call law enforcement or Crime Stoppers to report businesses that are not complying with his order.

This weekend, Mister Shake in Richfield Springs posted on Facebook about a complaint lodged against them - for their customers' behavior. "We recently received a visit from the Sheriff's office with an anonymous complaint against us. This complaint was made on Saturday...we were extremely busy and had little control as to what people were doing outside of the building. It looked like everyone was social distancing from the inside. This complaint said that there was no social distancing, people in line not wearing masks, people eating on the deck etc."

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Is it the business's responsibility to police their patrons outside their business? Aren't we all adults who should know the rules? Worse, should a business be fined because adults can't follow simple guidelines like wear a mask and stand 6 feet away from others?

It's one thing if a business is willfully violating New York's executive orders, or Picente's guidelines - it's another, in our opinion, to make already-strapped businesses responsible for the actions of others.

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