Parents: I get it. Planning some creative activities for the kids to do all day long in its self has to be exhausting. That's why we're super thankful some local businesses are making it easy.

Dippin Donuts in Rome posted on their Facebook page that they get it too! That's why there making 'Donut Decorating Kits' available for purchase.

For only $9.99, the kit comes with half a dozen yeast rings, chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla frosting, and sprinkles!

Making families in Rome have already taken advantage of the kit. Carissa Davis posted on the page with a picture of the donuts her and her family decorated - saying "I couldn't get them all in the picture before the donuts were eaten."

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Dippin Donuts locations of Rome have plans to restock their kits, and the kits will be available in New Hartford starting Monday, the 23rd of March.

Dippin Donuts Locations:

If you and your family would like to get your hands on them, please call ahead to your local shop.

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