It seems as if it's almost daily, Governor Cuomo is making some kind of new rule surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. It's causing quite the stir in our community.

Many were quite shocked yesterday to see some positivity come from Cuomo, this time referencing a farm in Rome as the "Deep Breath Moment" of the evening.

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Since August, Wagner Farms has been open to Central New Yorkers offering their beautiful sunflower fields and other safe activities. The governor had nothing but nice things to say about them.

The sunflower field will be open from 9am - 9pm Saturdays, through September. The cost is $5 per carload, or $10 for a season pass. If you'd like to go on a wagon ride, that's $5 per person. The sunflower field provides the perfect setting for photographs.

In terms of the "socially distant" activities Cuomo was referring to, the farm museum is open and free to the visiting public to walk through on your way in. They also have their haunted corn maze, which operates Saturdays and Sundays from 7 pm until 11 pm. It's $5 for parking and $2 per person.

The kudos from Cuomo has so many excited for the future of the farm, and they took to Wagner Farms's Facebook page to pass along the congratulations.

"Congratulations Ron! You guys are doing great things and you truly exemplify the NY motto Ever Upward. The steps you've taken to make your farm an inclusive space for differently abled visitors is impressive and progressive. Your the kind of forward thinker and problem solver we need more of these days." - Jessica Marie

"So happy for you and well deserved. All your hard work is being noticed state wide . Your farm is a great asset to our area, Ron." -Jo Anne

"I saw that! Awesome! We went to 2 different sunflower farms in the past 2 weeks and yours was far better than the other one!!" -Lisa Marri Haseman

You can find Wagner Farms on Facebook and on Old Oneida Road in Rome.

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