Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday that flags on State government buildings are to be flown at half-staff and state landmarks to be lit red, white and blue on Sunday, May 30. As we head into Memorial Day weekend, many New Yorkers believe it's for the wrong reason.

They will lower flags to half-staff and illuminate landmarks to honor COVID-19 essential workers on that day. Flags will remain at half-staff until noon and landmarks will remain lit on Monday, May 31 for Memorial Day.

The New York State Department of Health posted the information on their Facebook page, and many have commented how the decision is disrespectful to those who served and lost their lives fighting to defend our country. The original post has since been deleted, but they posted again, apologizing for "incorrectly implying" that New York’s tribute to COVID-19 essential workers overlaps Memorial Day honors for fallen military members.

But wait.....that is what is implied by making that decision. No?

Here's just what a few fellow New Yorkers had to say [and you can read more comments on the Facebook page:]

No... try again. Still horribly missing the point. It’s not New Yorkers you’ve offended it’s Americans. And it’s not veterans you owe an apology to, it’s Goldstar families, the memory of our fallen servicemen and women and all American citizens. Disgraceful.
PLEASE find a different weekend. These people deserve to be recognized but it really will be overshadowing the weekend for the Military. Truly a slap in the face for Gold Star Families From Cuomo... "And remember them and their families on Memorial Day." There was nothing "incorrectly implied' It was never to be Sunday. He wants it on Monday, putting them on the same stage as our Military
No flags should be flown at half staff at ANY TIME during Memorial Day weekend except to honor US veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives for the freedom of this country. To suggest anything or anyone else is shameful and disgraceful.

Don't get me wrong. I do think it's a good and an important idea to have a day where flags are lowered to half-staff to honor our essential workers.

I'm curious, however, why this weekend is the day that it was chosen to do that? Memorial Day isn't new. Why couldn't a different day been selected instead? Maybe it would have been more appropriate to have it scheduled the same day as the one year mark of "flattening the curve."

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