For over 80 years Fred F. Collis & Sons has been providing heating, cooling and air quality solutions for Central New York and the Mohawk Valley. Now they're giving back to healthcare workers during this time of crisis.

On Wednesday, owners Paul and John Collis and a few employees delivered food to medical personnel at Rome Memorial Hospital. The food was prepared by Coalyard Charlie's and catered for the ICU and Emergency Departments.

Marketing Manager Ally Priore says, "These healthcare workers put their lives on the line for the members of our community and this is just one small way that the Collis team is able to show our appreciation."

The team from Collis will also be providing food to the doctors, hospitalists, and the 5th floor nursing staff at St. Luke's Campus of MVHS on Thursday.

Photo Courtesy of Ally Priore (Fred F. Collis & Sons)
Photo Courtesy of Ally Priore (Fred F. Collis & Sons)

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