One of the most incredible aspects of the City of Utica is the rich culture and diversity. Our refugee community is strong and has brought incredible growth and progress to our region. One local company is taking a hiring approach that is reflective of this.

Max Cohen and his entire team at Meyda Custom Lighting are taking a unique approach to a need that many Central New York employers are facing. While "Help Wanted" or "Now Hiring" signs can be seen displayed in most storefront windows, it's not too often you see what you will see on Meyda's digital message board. The company has put a rotation of different translations of "Help Wanted" in front of their business.

Max Cohen of Meyda Custom Lighting says,

Immigrants have been critical to our company since we started. The culture and diversity of our team is part of what makes us unique.

The Center, located on Bleeker Street in Utica, is a resource center for refugees in the Mohawk Valley. The mission of The Center is to foster and enhance the welcoming environment in the City of Utica and throughout the Mohawk Valley. This are has seen a resettling of more than 16,500 refugees since 1981, leading to an end of the population decline in our city. It is only appropriate for Cohen and other business owners to take notice and appreciate those who have helped the growth of our region.

Another statistic that is impressive, but could frankly use a boost is the percentage of Utica area residents who believe immigration is good for the area. The Center says 69% of those who live here are pleased with the refugee presence. Let's join in Max's sentiment and reach out to this valuable resource we have that makes our community so great.

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