It's nice to see Utica in the news for something positive. This video will make you feel proud to live in such an amazing city.

Most of the time, if Utica is mentioned in national news, it's not something to smile about. This time it is.

With all the political talk of refugees, Utica was in the spotlight for being a welcoming and accepting city - Not only because it follows the promise written on the Statue of Liberty (Give me your tired, your poor...), but for also looking to refugees as the help Utica needs to turn around its economic troubles.

In the video (above) PBS NewsHour explains some of the rough patches Utica has gone through, with factories and businesses closing down, and people moving out of the area. But the video goes on to explain that Utica is growing again.

If you ever needed a reason to be proud of the Utica area, especially with all the bad news we hear on a daily basis, this is it. Watch the video at the top of this page - It explains everything perfectly, and will make you proud to be a Utican.




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