For some of us, Christmas is the holiday where we go all out. For one Frankfort native, living in upstate New York - it's Halloween when she pulls out all the stops.

Richelle Acker is a big fan of Halloween. So big, she dreams up her own Halloween hashtag and decorates every inch of her home - inside and out - with spooky Halloween decor. She and her husband, Justin, call it the 'Acker Spooktacular'.

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From a Halloween dining table with skeleton guests, to a haunted graveyard - Richelle Acker doesn't mess around when it comes to the holiday. Richelle grew up in Frankfort, but now she lives in Rochester. "I'm obsessed with Halloween," Richelle says. Uh yeah, we can tell. Even Richelle's coffee cups are ready for the big day.

Richelle, the self-proclaimed "Halloween Queen", doesn't just put up decorations - she's got the elaborate lighting to go with it all of it.

You may notice Richelle has not one, but two trees - which is a trend that's on the rise as a result of COVID-19 pandemic. Across the US, people have been putting up their Christmas trees - but decorating them as "fall trees" with pumpkins and fall leaves. You just change them out when Christmas rolls around - or, like Richelle, get your Halloween decorations out.

But hey, in 2020, if decorating your Halloween or fall tree makes you happy - go for it.

Halloween Decorating

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