When decorating for Halloween, some families opt for bright colors and fun decorations. One Central New York family takes the hellish idea of 'fire and brimstone' literally.

Brian and Melissa Myrto of Syracuse take Halloween very seriously. The display outside their Manning Drive home incorporates flying ghouls and literally flames shooting 10' in the air.

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Melissa says she and her husband go all out every year for Halloween. She says Brian "busted his butt to make everything perfect" this year.

Melissa and her husband run the pyrotechnic show every Saturday night in October, and even hand out candy to the kids between 7pm-9pm. The display is located at 109 Manning Drive, North Syracuse.

Syracuse Flaming Halloween House

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There's this Halloween spooktacular display in upstate New York, put together by Richelle Acker and her husband.

From a Halloween dining table with skeleton guests, to a haunted graveyard - Richelle Acker doesn't mess around when it comes to the holiday. Richelle grew up in Frankfort, but now she lives in Rochester. "I'm obsessed with Halloween," Richelle says. Uh yeah, we can tell. Even Richelle's coffee cups are ready for the big day.

Halloween Decorating

What's your Halloween decorating style?

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