The Milton J. Rubinstein Museum of Science & Technology (known as the MOST) has had some pretty cool exhibits in the past, featuring dinosaurs and other interesting things.

But, the creatures they've got visiting next month sound like they are going to be extremely popular with kids and adults. The exhibit is called "Nature's Ninjas" and it's going to be interactive. That's right, you'll be able to get up close and personal with some dangerous characters. Or, as The Most puts it, animals who have...

...evolved some mechanism to protect themselves from attack – every animal has a self-defense strategy; size, claws, teeth, venom, poison, and so many more. Nature’s Ninjas explores some of the most common and most unique mechanisms of self-defense in the animal kingdom in this kid-friendly, interactive, live animal exhibit.

Included in this presentation, The Most promises "varied species of animals, vibrant panels of content about the animals and their natural disguises, and a full-time staff member to educate guests, as well as perform four live animal programs per day."

The animals come from Little Rays Nature Center, billed on their website as "Canada’s leader in providing world-class, interactive, interpretive animal education exhibits." And the animals get a chance to acclimate to their new surroundings before the public is allowed to interact with them.

The MOST is located in Armory Square, at 500 Franklin Street, Syracuse. Nature's Ninjas debuts October 3rd.

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