This looks delicious!

It's one of the new items available at the 2019 Great New York State Fair. This year, you can indulge in the Chicken and Waffle Pizza, a Mac and Cheese Bacon Dog (pictured) and a Spicy PB&J Bacon Dog. All three are being served up at the Pizza Emporium food stand, and one of them will be featured on a national TV show. Here are the details on these new delicacies:

  • The Chicken and Waffle Pizza features fresh dough topped with waffle bits, mozzarella, fried chicken, bacon and a drizzle of syrup.
  • The Mac and Cheese Bacon Dog is a hot dog wrapped in bacon, topped with creamy macaroni and cheese and bacon crumbles.
  • The PB&J hot dog is wrapped in bacon and topped with peanut butter, bacon crumbles and a spicy Sriracha jelly. That dog will get its 15 minutes of fame on the Cooking Channel’s “Carnival Eats” TV show, Sunday, August 11th at 9:00 p.m.

"We love the creativity of our vendors. They try every year to deliver an experience that you can get only at the Great New York State Fair. As always, these unique treats are best when shared with the rest of your group," said the Fair's Director, Troy Waffner.

The 2019 Great New York State Fair runs from August 21st to September 2nd.

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