With over 150 homes impacted by the flooding, some under 5 feet of water, the last thing the Whitesboro residents need to worry about is looters stealing what little they have left.

Mayor Friedlander said he was happy to sign a law giving police full power to arrest any looters or pickers.

"I was approached by our Police Department and they asked me to sign a law into effect that gives them full power to arrest any looters, pickers, and people that are asked to leave and are gawking at people's loss...I am welcoming State Police controls in my village to avoid looters if they're out there." [CNY Central]

Mayor Friedlander also requests no unnecessary travel in and out of the village.

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Residents who need immediate help should dial 2-1-1. Flood Victims can apply for relief here and those not affected but want to help, please look hereThere's also a  Flood Victims of CNY Facebook group for people to ask for and offer help.

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