Celebrities often celebrate their love in extravagant ways. They send thousands of roses, gift customized SUVs, or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on jewelry. Here in CNY, it's the little things your significant other does that mean so much.

Is there something that your partner does that is just a little thing, but it means a lot to you? 

Every morning, when we get ready to head to work in the wee hours of the morning, Dave makes sure the car is all warmed up and the seat warmer on my side is turned on. They say love means never having to say you're sorry, but I say it's never having to say "my butt is cold." It's just a little thing, but it really shows that Dave cares.

Once, when we were dating, Dave changed my windshield wipers without asking, and without prompting. It was so nice and really convinced me that he was a keeper.

Men (and women): while extravagant gifts are nice - and it's always nice to get jewelry - it's really great when your significant other does something little that shows that they're paying attention.

What are some examples of little things (according to an informal Facebook poll)?

  • Put the toothpaste on your partner's toothbrush.
  • Now just how they like their coffee and have a cup ready when they wake up.
  • Fix that annoying thing that's been driving them cuckoo.
  • Leave a little note somewhere they'll find it.
  • Brush the snow off their car.

Are any of your favorites on this list? What does your significant other do for you?





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