Mother's Day is just around the corner. Before you run out at the last minute to pick up something from a gas station or a quick bundle of flowers from the grocery store, maybe put a little more thought into this year. It isn't as hard as it seems.

Your mom has done it all for you. She carried you for 9 months, and spent the next 18 years sleep-deprived, worried, and protecting you. The least you can do is put a little effort into her special day.

You don't have to go all out and spend thousands of dollars you don't have. You don't even have to get that elaborate - Just be thoughtful. First, you need to find out what your mom wants the most.

Are you busy with your life and haven't seen your mom in a while? Then she probably wants some quality time with you. A phone call just won't do in this situation. Take her out for the day - Not just lunch or dinner, but a few activities. Matt Hubbell has a list of events that are happening just for Mother's Day around the Central New York area...

You can do something simple like picking up flowers or a card, if you're both pretty busy on Mother's Day. But don't just pick up something generic. If you get flowers, make sure they're her favorite kind. You can also make it a little more special by adding in your own personal note. Don't just say 'Happy Mother's Day.' Write something that only your mom could relate to, maybe an inside joke from when you were younger. Same with if you get a card - personalize it. Let your mom know you didn't just throw her gift together last minute.

Nothing says 'I love you' like winning her $500 worth of prizes. Now, you can't count on this gift (but even if you don't win you can use it for bragging purposes). As an added bonus for whatever you decide to do for Mother's Day, enter her to win one of four huge prize packages from Lite 987. The prizes include a $500 gift certificate to A Personal Touch in New Hartford (sounds like the ultimate spa day), $500 in gift certificates to Edible Arrangements, $500 in gift certificates to Carmella's Cafe, or $500 in fuel from Clifford Fuel. It's free to play for any of these prizes, and they could just be the icing on the cake for an amazing Mother's Day. You can get more details below:

And the last thing to remember: If you're going to take mom out to eat on her special day, make sure it's where she wants to go! Don't suggest where to go, just ask her where she wants to eat at. If you suggest something first, she may just want to make sure you're happy and agree. Don't let that happen. Let her decide. It's the little things that will make a huge difference on Mother's Day this year - Make it count!


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